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A few short days ago we began our artistic journey of faith with The Master’s Hand. On our first stop along the path from blank canvas to masterpiece, we talked about the Old Masters and their influence on our lives. Then we discovered the One True Master and the impact He plays in the journey. If you missed The Master’s Hand, don’t worry,  you can still read it here. 

Now, the second stop on our journey takes us to the inspiration behind the art.

I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your works; I muse on the work of Your hands.

                                             Psalm 143:5 NKJV

Muse is a funny word and it’s not used much in our modern vocabulary.

It means to carefully, thoughtfully weigh something in our mind.

And it can also refer to an artist’s source of inspiration. It can be a person, a thought, a poem, an object, or whatever gives the artist inspiration and leads them into the creative process.

As an artist myself, this is the definition of muse I think of…

In my mind, I see a beautiful girl with flowing long hair and perfect porcelain skin. She’s sitting in an artist’s studio as he paints her portrait. She captivates the artist, gives him creativity and influences the work of his hands.

For centuries the relationship between artist and muse has played a crucial part in the creation of art. The artist chooses their muse carefully, drawing on the inspiration they provide. The muse poses for the artist for the love and admiration they gain as the inspiration behind the artist’s work. This relationship is immeasurable as the artist pours themselves into the muse painting their likeness and discovering new aspects of their character to draw inspiration from over time. As the art takes shape, they form an unbreakable bond and create a portfolio of gallery-worthy art.

But for us, Christians, the word muse takes on a deeper meaning.

Why? Because…

We are God’s muse. That’s a surprising thought, isn’t it? 😊

God is our Master, the artist creating an image of us. And we are His muse, posing for the picture, adored by our artist, and inspiring Him as He paints the portrait of our lives. It’s a relationship that plays a crucial role in the creation of the art.

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So, let’s reflect on it for a moment…

Sometimes it seems like the painting will never be complete. We’ll be sitting in the studio, posing forever.  And the love and admiration of our artist feels lightyears away. During these times, it’s easy to forget we are God’s muse, His beloved, and the inspiration behind all He does.

But God is still at work, even when we can’t see Him. He is pouring Himself into us, painting over what doesn’t belong, gently touching up the edges, and watching as the art take shape.

We are the reason He puts paint to canvas. The reason He creates. All because we are His muse, His inspiration, and the object of His affection.

The relationship between artist and muse is evident in my artwork too. But I’ve flipped it around a bit.

My muse, my inspiration, is God’s hand. This is what I think about each time I take a picture or sit down at my computer to work.

But it extends beyond me. The desire in my heart is for you to see God’s hand for yourself. That’s what motivates me to create. When you view my art, I want you to see God’s hand reaching out to you. I want you to feel His gentle touch on you.

Can you see it? Is there a place in your life where God’s hand is working?

Let His hand be your muse just as much as you are His. Be inspired by all God is doing in your life right now!

Because one day soon, you’ll look back and remember the days of old. You will see how God had a plan for your life and how it came to pass. You will muse on the work of God’s hands as you view your life from afar. And the longer you know the Lord, the more profound it will become.


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The journey from blank canvas to masterpiece is a long one. An artist works diligently learning their craft and honing their skill. And with a little determination and inspiration, a gallery-worthy piece of art is created.

Together, we’ll embark on the final leg of our artistic journey. I hope you’ll come back and discover the truth behind God’s masterpiece.

Until then,

Praying you will see God’s hand in your life!

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