Light of the World Matthew 5:14

You are the light of the world. A city on the hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. 

Matthew 5:14-16

There was a commercial on TV for Bring Your Bible to School Day a little while back. It showed a group of teenagers wearing a basket on their heads as they went about their day. It was funny and a little bit silly too, but it conveyed the message clearly that our light can’t shine when it’s hidden under a bushel.

Sometimes we find ourselves figuratively wearing a basket over our heads. Maybe we’re afraid of what people will think of us if we share our faith with them. Or we mistakenly assume that everyone has already heard the good news of Jesus. Satan would like for us to believe these lies and keep our faith to all to ourselves.

But Jesus has called Christians to be the light of the world and to put our light on a lampstand for everyone to see. It’s our job to reflect the glowing light of Jesus and be bold enough to take the basket off of our heads and let our light shine bright. When we do, these three things will happen…

Jesus has called Christians to be the light of world and to put our light up on a lampstand for everyone to see.Click To Tweet

#1 Opportunities to share our faith will open up.

How can someone ask us about our faith if they don’t know we have it to begin with? When people see us, they can tell that there is something different about our lives. And they want to know what that difference is. With each person we meet and with every question they ask, God opens up a new opportunity for us to share our faith. A seemingly chance encounter in the grocery store checkout line, or a random meeting at the DMV just might be the perfect time for us to share our faith with someone who needs the light of Christ in their lives. My pastor likes to call these “chance” encounters “divine appointments”. God loves to give them to us, especially when we least expect them. So, let’s be on the lookout for our next divine appointment and take every opportunity God gives us to let our light so shine before men.

#2 We will show the path to Jesus.

A lighthouse points the way to safety. It stands tall and shines brightly to keep a ship from crashing into the shore. And just like a lighthouse, we point the way to safety. Our light stands tall above the darkness of this world and shows the path to Jesus. It is a shining beacon of hope that keeps the unsaved of the world from crashing and burning into the despair of Satan’s lies and guides them into the loving arms of the Savior. That’s what it means to be the city on the hill. So, stand tall and burn bright.

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#3 We give God the glory!  

Most importantly our light gives God the glory for what He has done, for us and for everyone else. God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and be raised again to save us! Our lives have been changed forever because of it. We no longer have to live in guilt and shame because we are forgiven. By letting our light shine, we are showing the world what Jesus has done for us and for them. And we give God the glory that rightfully belongs to Him.

Christians are the light of the world! The city on the hill and a shining beacon of hope. We point the way to Jesus by reflecting His radiant light for everyone to see. His light cannot be overshadowed or hidden from view. So, today I pray that we will be the light of the world and give glory to God for what He has done. May God bless you!

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6 Older Comments.


11/2/2017 11:14:22 am

I definitely believe in divine encounters! It has happened to me numerous times.
May the Lord daily give us courage to let our light shine in the dark world around us instead of our trying to hide it under a bushel.
Thanks for this great reminder!

Connie from Master’s Hand Collection

11/2/2017 11:26:55 am

Hi Ruth! Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m saying a prayer for you today. May God bless you and give us all the courage to be the light of the world!


11/3/2017 10:38:29 am

so true – how can someone ask me if they don’t know i am a woman of faith? super reminder and praying today I’ll shine and that someone will ask. Light to shine. Invited to invite.

Connie from Master’s Hand Collection

11/3/2017 03:59:30 pm

Thanks Sue, Praying for you today that your light will shine bright. God bless!

Rachel Lee

11/3/2017 04:06:14 pm

Connie, I love your ministry! Very original!

You wrote, “Sometimes we find ourselves figuratively wearing a basket over our heads.”
Yep. I can definitely relate to this. It’s a shame, but it’s true.

I believe in divine encounters, and I truly try to view every “chance encounter” as a divine encounter. We never know how we may impact another in our day to day life!


Connie from Master’s Hand Collection

11/3/2017 04:29:44 pm

Hi Rachel, Thank you for your kind words. They have uplifted me and encouraged my heart today! I’m saying a prayer for you, that you will also be encouraged.