What does James 1:2 mean?

James 1:2 tells us… count it all joy when you face trials.

But that’s much easier said than done in a fiery furnace.

None of us is immune from hardship. And we will all face trials in our lives.

But instead of seeing these hardships as something to be avoided, we can use them as an opportunity to draw closer to God.

Through the various trials this scripture mentions, we learn important lessons on perseverance and patience.  And that the testing of our faith is not to hurt us, but rather to refine us.

At the end of the trial, we will be “perfect” and “complete”, lacking nothing in the Lord.  And that is our reason to count it all joy when you fall into various trials.

Rejoice knowing every trial gives you more endurance for the long race ahead. So, if you feel like your faith is being tested, rejoice and draw near to God. He will get you through it.

Count It All Joy James 1:2 Free Printable Bible Verse Wall Art

This Count It All Joy James 1:2 free Printable Bible Verse Art reminds us to have perseverance and patience through life’s trials.

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Count It All Joy James 1:2 Free Printable Bible Verse Art

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