Life-Changing Bible Verses about the Seasons

Do you wonder… What does the Bible say about the 4 Seasons? In this Bible Study, we’ll read Life-Changing Bible Verses about the Seasons and discover how God made the four seasons for a purpose. And how they help us navigate each season of life. God created each season for a purpose. In each of the four seasons, [...]

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The Blood of Jesus -Luke 22:20

Why do we talk so much about the blood of Jesus, even celebrate it? In this Luke 22:20 devotional, we'll find out why Jesus' blood is so important to us and why His sacrifice on the cross is the most important moment in human history. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus I grew up singing the song Nothing [...]

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Restful Bible Verses for Labor Day

This devotional, Restful Bible Verses for Labor Day will help you find inspiration during the daily grind of your nine to five. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the Word of God this Labor Day! The first Monday of September in the United States is a federal holiday. Labor Day is the time we set [...]

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John 4:34 Free Printable Scripture Art for Thanksgiving

A little while back, God told me... "Do the work." And the funny thing is, it takes a lot of work to do the work! 😊 For us, Christians, It's not enough to simply know the will of God. We must also do the work God has given us. That's exactly what Jesus was talking about in this Bible [...]

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Because of His Love Psalm 91:14 Free Scripture Art

What is the meaning of Psalm 91:14? Psalm 91:14 reminds us of God's unending love for us. And because of His love, He promises to deliver us. This Bible verse about God's love for us shows His true character, fully loving and good. He is our protector who holds us close when the storms of life hit us [...]

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Psalm 27:13 Free Printable Bible Verse Wall Art for Fall

I would have lost heart We all have times when we want to give up. When it seems like nothing good will ever happen again. Or like all is lost no matter how hard we try to get it back. But the Lord's goodness is always with us. Here are some inspirational words from King David to help [...]

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Nehemiah 9:5 Free Printable Christian Art for Halloween

For most people, Halloween is a dark and mysterious day filled with ghosts and goblins. But for Christians, this is a confusing holiday. Do we dress up and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids, or just close the door and leave the light off? Personally, I like to spend this day reflecting on the glorious light of [...]

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Proverbs 14:26 Free Bible Verse Wall Art Printable

What is the meaning of Proverbs 14:26? The book of Proverbs is often said to be an instruction manual for life. The knowledge within its pages amounts to a great deal of practical advice and old-fashioned common sense. And the meaning of this scripture from Proverbs 14 is all about the fear of the Lord and the wisdom [...]

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The Harvest Is Plentiful -Matthew 9:37

In Matthew 9:37, Jesus tells us the harvest is plentiful. But what does that mean? In this devotional, we’ll read the words of Jesus and discover the true meaning behind this important scripture. What does Matthew 9:37-38 mean? Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, [...]

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Give Thanks to the Lord -Psalm 107:1

There are many examples of thanksgiving in the Bible. And each one shows us how to give thanks to the Lord. During this Thanksgiving holiday, we’ll gather with the people closest to us around a table of glorious, delicious food. We’ll tell stories about the past and share memories of everything that has happened in our lives this [...]

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Heartwarming Bible Verses for Fall

Each of these Heartwarming Bible Verses for Fall stands on its own. But they are also a great jumping-off point for a new Bible Study, a wonderful start to creating a seasonal bulletin board at church, or a way to teach the children in your life a new memory verse. Whatever your reason for searching for Fall Bible [...]

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The Beauty of Autumn Leaves Galatians 6:9 Devotional

In this Galatians 6:9 devotional we’ll see the beauty of autumn leaves and learn how to not grow weary in doing good. It seems like a tall order to accomplish in one short Bible study, but with God’s help, we’ll see how in due season to reap the benefits of a life well-lived if we do not lose [...]

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