A little while back, God told me… “Do the work.” And the funny thing is, it takes a lot of work to do the work! 😊 For us, Christians, It’s not enough to simply know the will of God. We must also do the work God has given us. That’s exactly what Jesus was talking about in this Bible Verse for Thanksgiving. He came to earth knowing the will of God the Father and to do the work of His kingdom. He’s our example as well as our Messiah. So, let’s follow His lead this Thanksgiving.

The first step is to seek God’s will in your life, pray and ask Him what He has for you to do. Then put into practice the will of God by doing the work. It can be hard. And it can be lonely. But the reward is great!

Praying you will have a rewarding and blessed Fall as you follow Jesus and do the work!!!

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