Easter is the most important Christian holiday. Each of these Easter Bible studies, free Bible verse art, and Bible study resources will help you celebrate the hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus and the joy of our salvation!

Easter Bible Verses that will inspire you everyday!

If you have come here looking for inspirational Easter Bible verses, you’re in the right place! I pray that these Easter verses will give you encouragement and inspiration as we prepare for this momentous holiday season. Easter is THE Christian holiday. It represents the most important and fundamental belief of our Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ [...]

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A Risen Savior – Mark 16:6

In this A Risen Savior Mark 16:6 devotional, we’ll learn the most exciting and important statement in human history. Jesus died on a cross and for three days all hope seemed lost. But then He was resurrected! He’s alive and well. And because He lives, now we have the hope of a new life in Him.   He [...]

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Why is Jesus the Good Shepherd? – John 10:11

In this John 10:11 devotional, we’ll learn the meaning of this popular Bible verse and why Jesus is called the Good Shepherd. Plus, how this scripture plays a big part in our modern lives as Christians.   Why did Jesus say He is the Good Shepherd? Recently, I was asked the question, "Why is Jesus the Good Shepherd?" [...]

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What is the Meaning of an Easter Egg? – John 11:25

This time of year, you might wonder... What is the meaning of an Easter egg? So, in this John 11:25 devotional, we'll find out where this tradition comes from and why it matters to Christians during the holy season. Easter is almost here! And as always, it promises to be a memorable one! Cute rabbits and chocolate easter [...]

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