Bible Verses for the Fourth of July to Set You Free

The Good News of Salvation is found in these patriotic Bible Verses for the Fourth of July to Set You Free. I pray they will inspire you during this July 4th holiday. We are so blessed to call the United States of America home. And we celebrate our independence big! Backyard barbecues with plates dripping with sauce, ice [...]

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How to Have Liberty in Christ – Galatians 5:1

Have you ever wondered… What does it mean to have Liberty in Christ? In this Independence Day devotional, we’ll learn the true meaning of freedom. And how to have liberty in Christ. This time of year, my thoughts turn to how thankful I am for the independence that I experience as an American. But I also recognize the [...]

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Revival In Our Country -2 Chronicles 7:14

I know many of us are praying for revival in our country. We feel that the nation is headed in the wrong direction and we so badly want that to change. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s an election year or not, most of us fall into two categories. Either we’re fed up with Washington and all [...]

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