Bible Verses about Joy that will Fill Your Heart with Gladness

Have you ever wondered… What does the Bible say about joy? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this devotional, we’ll read Bible Verses about Joy that will fill your heart with gladness! In each one, you will discover the true joy that only comes from knowing Jesus as your Savior. Today I’m playing “The Glad Game” [...]

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A Reason to Rejoice and Be Glad – Psalm 118:24

Good morning, Sunshine! This is the day the Lord has made. And God can take a seemingly ordinary day and turn it into A Reason to Rejoice and Be Glad! In this Psalm 118 devotion, we’ll look at our reason to wake up and rejoice today. So, let’s read this beautiful reminder of God’s goodness together…   This [...]

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In His Presence Is Fullness of Joy Psalm 16:11

Psalm 16:11 tells us… in His presence is fullness of joy. In this devotional, we’ll examine this scripture and discover the meaning behind it. What does it mean in His presence is fullness of joy? For the answer to this pivotal question, let’s read the Bible Verse that reveals the path to true happiness and fullness of joy… [...]

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What is the Joy of the Lord? – Nehemiah 8:10

We’ve all heard the Bible quote… the joy of the Lord is my strength. But what is the joy of the Lord? And how can we find it? Joy is something we all want in our lives. But in our modern world, it seems like an unattainable goal. We’re pushed and pulled in so many different directions all [...]

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Path Of Life Psalm 16:11 Devotional

Do you ever ask yourself… “How did my life turn out this way?” Or wonder what the path life is supposed to be? In this Psalm 16:11 devotional, we’ll answer these questions and find the way back to the life path God has for us. When we graduate from high school or college, we’re just fresh-faced kids ready [...]

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Count It All Joy James 1:2 Free Printable Bible Verse Art

What does James 1:2 mean? James 1:2 tells us... count it all joy when you face trials. But that's much easier said than done in a fiery furnace. None of us is immune from hardship. And we will all face trials in our lives. But instead of seeing these hardships as something to be avoided, we can use [...]


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