Monday Motivation – John 11:25

This Bible Verse for Easter is a classic for a reason! These words of Jesus are a wonderful reminder of what the Easter holiday is all about. He is the resurrection because He rose on the third day. And He is the life because through Him we have everlasting life! Be blessed by the truth of this verse. Happy Easter! 🙂

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Monday Motivation – Matthew 6:20-21

The phrase “lay up” means “give priority to”, so this Bible Verse for St. Patrick’s Day is about our priorities. Is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow what you long for? Is finding a lucky four leaf clover the desire of your heart?

God’s priorty is always our heart and what we store in it. And these words of Jesus teach us to store God’s priorities in it. As Christians, our heart should reflect the light of Jesus to the world. And our priortiy should be to build a relationship with Him.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Be blessed and have a fun holiday!

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