Revival In Our Country -2 Chronicles 7:14

Revival in Our Country 2 Chronicles 7:14

I know many of us are praying for revival in our country. We feel that the nation is headed in the wrong direction and we so badly want that to change. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s an election year or not, most of us fall into two categories. Either we’re fed up with Washington and all of the gridlock from both sides of the aisle, or we’ve become complacent and think that no matter who’s in office, nothing will ever change. It leaves us wondering…Is there anything that we can do? Can we get back to “one nation under God”? Let’s take a look at what God says we can do to turn our country around.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.   

                                                                           2 Chronicles 7:14

The first words of this verse are the most important part. And I don’t want us to miss it.

If My people who are called by My name…

This is a powerful message directed at Christians! God isn’t talking to the world at large, He is speaking only to those of us who are believers. If we want to see real change in our country, then it’s up to us. God says that we have to be the ones to lead the way!

Many times in the Bible God makes both unconditional and conditional promises to those of us who believe. This verse is an example of one of the “conditional” promises that God has made to us. In order to receive the blessing, we first have to do the things that God asks of us. In this verse God gives us a list of three actions that we need to take in order to see revival in our country, then He promises us that He will do three things in exchange.

Our Actions to Take

#1 humble themselves…

Humbling yourself is hard to do and admitting that you are wrong is equally difficult. But God is asking us to do just that. We need to recognize that our way of doing things doesn’t work and God’s way is the right way. If we want to see real change in our country and in our lives then we have to follow God’s way.

#2 pray and seek My face…

Praying and seeking God’s face is a way of creating an intimate relationship with      Him. He wants to spend time with us each day and He wants us to be close to Him! Praying isn’t just about asking God for stuff, it’s seeking God’s will and listening for an answer. How can we have a relationship with someone we never talk to and how can we know God’s way if we don’t listen for His answer?

#3 turn from their wicked ways…

Are we willing to admit that we’re not always right, that we’ve made mistakes? As a nation and as a people? In order to turn our country around, we must repent of our sins and admit that we’ve made bad choices that have lead us away from God and His will. We must turn away from those past decisions and seek God’s way.
When we do these three things God will fulfill His promises to us.

God’s Promises

#1 I will hear from heaven…

The ball is in our court. God is listening and waiting for us to do our part.

#2 forgive their sins…

God is always faithful to forgive us of our sins, all we have to do is ask. I think that’s pretty amazing! Don’t you?

#3 heal their land…

When we do our part, God will do His. He will bring revival to our country! He will bless our nation! Because God always keeps His promises!

Are you are frustrated with the direction our country is headed in? As Christians, it’s up to us to recognize that our nation desperately needs revival. And we must be the ones who lead the way back to a relationship with the only One who can give it to us. If we return to God, humble ourselves before Him, seek His face and turn from our sin, then we will see a new revival in our hearts and in our land. If we do our part, God will do His! So let’s get to it. Please join me in seeking God’s will for our nation and praying for revival in our country. God bless!

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Abide in the Love of Christ -John 15:9-11

Abide in the Love of Christ John 15:9-11

What does it mean to abide in the love of Christ? The word “abide”, isn’t used very often in our modern vocabulary, but it’s a word that sparks my imagination. When I hear it, I think of cozy family dinners or intimate conversations with close friends. I would like to think that my relationship with Jesus is cozy and intimate. And I want to feel that there is a real connection between us and not just a ritual that I was taught as a young child. So how do we get there? How can we develop the close relationship we desire and abide in the love of Christ? The words of Jesus tell us how.

As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love. These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.

                                                  John 15:9-11

As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. John 15:9 #Love #JesusChrist Click To Tweet

The word abide means to continue, remain in, or dwell. In this passage, there are three key points about what it means and how to abide or dwell in Christ’s love. Let’s look at each one.

First, Jesus tells us that He loves us just as the Father loves Him. What an amazing thing to hear! Jesus wants us to continue to experience the joy of our salvation through Him and to have a close and personal relationship with Him, all because of His great love for us.

Second, Jesus explains that when we keep His commandments that is when we “abide” in or remain in His love. If we are obedient to Christ and His teachings then we are able to have the intimate relationship with Him that we are looking for.

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Lastly, Jesus says that when we are obedient to Him, His joy will remain in us. This joy is a complete joy that is full of love. To receive this joy, all Jesus asks of us, is that we obey Him just as He has obeyed the Father. The idea of obedience is not a popular one these days, but to obey Jesus is to love Him. And when we love and obey, then we can truly experience what it means to abide in the love of Christ and have the fullness of joy through Him.

Simply put, to abide in the love of Christ means to love Jesus and to be loved by Him. Just as the Father loved the Son, Jesus loves us. It sounds so easy, yet seems so complicated. In the fast-paced modern world we live in, we can become so caught up in chasing the things of this world that we forget to be still and abide in the love of Jesus. But to set aside the things of this world and dwell in Him is exactly what we should do. My prayer for us today is that we will learn to obey the commandments of Jesus and understand what it means to follow Him in everything that we do. Then, through our obedience and love for Him, we will abide in the love of Christ and have fullness of joy.

Further Reading:

In 1 John 3:24 we hear again about abiding in Jesus. But there is an extra component to this verse. Can you spot it? What did you learn about abiding in Jesus? What is different about this verse? What is it that we are given to help us abide?

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Quick Start Guide for Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates

Quick Start Guide for Master's Hand Collection Affiliates

Not a member of our Christian Affiliate Program yet? Find out all of the details and sign up here.

Welcome and thank you for joining Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates! I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know you and your ministry better!

Hi, I’m Connie, your Affiliate Manager and the Artist behind the artwork you’ll be selling through this Christian Affiliate Program.

You are always welcome to email me at I’m here to help you in any way I can.

There are two goals within this program and I’d like to share them with you now.

The goal of Master’s Hand Collection art is to show God’s hand to everyone who needs a little grace in their life! And who doesn’t need some grace every now and then? Amen?!

I created this art to show believers and the unsaved alike who God is and how much He loves them!

When they view my artwork, I want them to see God’s hand reaching out for them!

I want them to feel the deep love He has for them.

And I want their relationship with Him to flourish.

That’s the message of Master’s Hand Collection in a nutshell. And it’s a message I hope and pray you’ll share it with your audience. We’ll talk more about how to do that a little later.

The goal of Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates is a little different. It’s to help you flourish in your ministry.

Whatever your ministry is, God has placed it on your heart for a reason. And He wants you to succeed in it!

Likewise, God has placed a call on my heart to create a way for other like-minded Christians to follow God’s call on their lives.

It doesn’t matter whether you share the love of Jesus across the internet or through brick and mortar stores, the goal is the same… to keep your business/ministry up and running so the truth of who Jesus is can be known. And the way to do that is to make sure you’re bringing in enough money to pay the bills.

I know, in Christian/Faith blogging circles there’s a question as to whether or not it’s okay to make money. So, I’d like to show you a woman who ran a business, made money and did it God’s way…

She seeks wool and flax,
And willingly works with her hands.

She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits she plants a vineyard.

She perceives that her merchandise is good,
And her lamp does not go out by night.

Proverbs 31:13;16;18

This is the story of the Proverbs 31 woman. She’s a strong independent woman who loves God and her family. I’m sure you and I both have a lot in common with her. And I encourage you to read more about her in Proverbs chapter 31, starting in verse 10. I promise we’ll learn more about her in the coming months and together begin to see how God wants us to run our business/ministry like she did.


For now, let’s get you started earning commissions with Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates using this Quick Start Guide.

Quick Start Tutorials

How to Set Up Your Affiliate Panel

Affiliate Panel Video Tutorial

This video will help you better understand the Affiliate Panel of Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates and quickly start promoting products and earning commissions from day one. And if you’re new to affiliate marketing you’ll see how easy it is to become an affiliate and start promoting Master’s Hand Collection products to your audience. There’s no big learning curve to overcome, so start promoting the truth of God’s hand right away.

Video provided by Post Affiliate Pro and

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How to Use Your General Affiliate Link

General Link Tutorial

This video will show you how to use your General Affiliate Link to refer sales and generate commissions within Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates. Cuz that’s kinda important, right?! Don’t worry it’s simple and this tutorial will walk you through where to find your unique affiliate link and how to use it properly so you won’t miss out on any commissions.

Video provided by Stephen Outram of Access Affiliate.

Watch the Tutorial Now

How to Find and Use Banners (Creatives)

Banners Tutorial

This video will show you how to find the banners you would like to use on your website or social media to promote Master’s Hand Collection products. Sometimes called Creatives, you’ll find these image and text links in your Affiliate Panel under “Banners”.

P.S. Your Affiliate Panel may look a little different on these two videos from Access Affiliate, depending on which “theme” you chose during setup. The default theme is Classic Wide and the theme in this video is Coupe. So if you’re having trouble finding a setting it’s probably the difference in themes. And you can change that easily in your Affiliate Panel. 😊

Video provided by Stephen Outram of Access Affiliate.

Watch the Tutorial Now

How to Create a Direct Link

Direct Link Tutorial

This is a great article that will walk you through the steps to create a direct to any Master’s Hand Collection product. I promise to do my best to make these links for you and provide them in the Affiliate Panel under “Banners”. But if you want to be creative and make your own links, I think you’ll like these easy to follow instructions on how to create a direct link using the WordPress plugin Pretty Links. (If you don’t have Pretty Links, you should get it. It’s free and super simple to use.) FYI… the links I’m using here are Pretty Links. 😊

This article provided by Janet Thaeler of

Watch the Tutorial Now

What is Affiliate Marketing?

New to Affiliate Marketing? These resources will give you the basics to get started and be successful in your new venture.

How Affiliate Marketing Works, from, is an easy to understand article that will walk you through the process of becoming a successful affiliate. It explains how it all works, who the players are, and how it all fits together.

This article from, Affiliate Marketing in 2020: What It Is and How You Can Get Started is a great place to start learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. It outlines exactly what being an affiliate is all about and how you can earn money in this Christian Affiliate Program or any other program you join.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners is a short 16-minute video from, Project Life Mastery, that explains in plain English what affiliate marketing is and how you can make money as an affiliate.

Your Affiliate Panel

You can bookmark this link and use it to log in to your affiliate panel.

Once you are logged in, you can customize the Affiliate Panel. Here are a few things you can do…

  • Change the theme of your Affiliate Panel to suit your tastes. (The default theme is Classic Wide.)
  • Set up Sales Report emails. Chose between daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • View your sales and commissions right from the Affiliate Panel in the “Reports”
  • View past and upcoming payments in what else?, “Payments”.
  • Sign up other affiliates to the program and earn a 5% commission on their sales. More about that in a little bit.
  • Start promoting Master’s Hand Collection products using the Banners, Links & Creatives. More about that in a minute.

Banners, Links & Creatives

There are different kinds of Banners/Links/Creatives available for you to use. You’ll find all of them in the “Banners” section of your Affiliate Panel. Feel free to place them on your website, in social media, or use them in promotional materials offline.

Let’s go over the most common kind of links and the best way to use them…

Image Banners

Because art is a visual medium, most of the Banners you’ll use with Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates are Image Banners.

There are individual Banners for…

  • Master’s Hand Collection logos linked to the Shop page.
  • Each work of art linked to their printable artwork Product page.
  • Pictures of the same artwork in frames linked to the printable artwork Product page.
  • Pictures of each work of art as a printable greeting card linked to the Product page.
  • products such as Workbooks, Bible Verse Memory Cards, etc. linked to their Product page.

Image Banners work extremely well because customers like to see what they’re buying before they purchase. So, use these Image Banners anywhere on your website (in blog posts, sidebars, headers, etc.) , in emails, or on social media.

Watch this video from Stephen Outram of Access Affiliate to learn more about how to use Banners.

Text Links

Embed these text-only hyperlinks in your blog posts, on your website, and in emails to lead customers directly to product pages. They can be found under “Banners” in your Affiliate Panel. Or use this guide from Janet Thaeler of to create them yourself.

Flash Banners

Coming Soon in the “Banners” section.

HTML Banners

Coming Soon in the “Banners” section.

Please keep in mind that as an affiliate you CANNOT change the Master’s Hand Collection logo as per the Program Terms and Agreement. Thank you. 😊

Sign up Sub-Affiliates and Earn an Extra 5% on their sales too!

Sub-affiliates are people you ask to join this affiliate program. They can your friends, family, website visitors, email subscribers, or complete strangers. Anyone you think will be interested in joining the journey is welcome. And earning an extra 5% commission is definitely worth asking them, right?

It’s super easy to do. Here’s how you can make this extra bonus commission…

  1. Sign in to your Affiliate Panel.
  2. Go to the “Signup Subaffiliates” tab on the left-hand side of the display.
  3. Copy the link at the top that says… “Signup New Affiliates”.
  4. Ask everyone you know to join Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates.
  5. Make sure you include that special link in your invite!
  6. Earn 5% commission on their sales!!! 🤑

Super simple and easy! 👍

How to Add an Affiliate Disclaimer

Including an Affiliate Disclaimer on your website and in blog posts where you have affiliate offers is mandated by the FTC! It’s the law. And it’s extremely important to maintain compliance with all FTC regulations as they pertain to our affiliate relationship. Failure to do so will force me to end our affiliate partnership, and I don’t want to do that! 😥

Don’t worry it’s super simple to comply with the FTC’s regulations. Just copy and paste this disclaimer onto your website or blog post (Wherever you put your affiliate links)…

Affiliate Disclaimer: I’m proud to be an affiliate partner of Master’s Hand Collection, whose artwork represents God’s hand in our everyday lives. If you purchase a product, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Payments & Refunds

Cuz, getting paid is super important!

Payments for “evergreen” product commissions, meaning those that are available year-round, will be paid on the fifth day of each month for the previous month’s sales. Payments for “open-close cart” promotions, meaning those that have a beginning and end date, will be paid 30 days from the “close cart” date. All payments will be paid out via PayPal and you MUST provide a valid email where your PayPal payment can be processed.

In the event a customer requests a refund the Affiliate will not be paid for the transaction. For a transaction for which the Affiliate has been paid a commission and a refund was awarded the customer, the refund amount will be deducted from the Affiliate’s future balance.

You can check on your past and future payments in the Affiliate Panel in “Payments”.

When to Contact Your Affiliate Manager?

I love to hear from you! I want to be your partner and advocate in this journey we’re on together to spread to good news of God’s hand working in our lives.

If you need help, please feel free to contact me at

I try to answer each email ASAP, but promise to get back with you within 24 hours on weekdays, or the next business day if you email on the weekend.

So, what can I not help with?

I’m here to help you be successful as a member of Master’s Hand Collection Affiliates. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the affiliate program, creating links, commissions, etc.

However, I cannot help with website building software such as WordPress. I refer you to your web hosting service (GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, etc.) for questions regarding WordPress or other website building tools.

Disclaimer: I am not a web developer and will not assist in changing code on your website. And believe me, you don’t want me to. If you need help in this area, please consult a trained website developer. At this time I cannot recommend anyone, but if I find a reliable developer I will be happy to pass his/her name along.

Your Next Steps

  1. Keep promoting your website/blog/business. The more traffic/hits you have coming to your site the more chances you’ll have to be successful as an affiliate with this program or any other.
  2. Keep promoting Master’s Hand Collection products on your website, blog, social media, emails, or off-line.
  3. Test your affiliate links to make sure they’re working.
  4. Don’t give up! Affiliate marketing takes time to be successful at, so don’t throw in the towel if it doesn’t work right away.
  5. Pray! Even though I put this one last, it’s the most important. Take all of your feeling, thoughts, victories, or frustrations to God and let Him show you the next thing to do.

And when in doubt email me at

I’m dedicated to ensuring your success and I’m available to answer your questions. When you’re successful, I’m successful. And when we work together to bring the truth of who Jesus is the people who need Him, we all succeed! 😊

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