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Welcome to the Master’s Hand Collection Affiliate Program!

Master’s Hand Collection is a series of Christian artwork that uses sign language to depict God’s hand at work in our lives. Each picture in the collection features an inspirational word spelled out in American Sign Language with a corresponding Bible verse.

My goal in creating this artwork is to encourage Christians in their walk with Jesus and to bring the gospel to people who are not saved in a unique way.

Even though the art of Master’s Hand Collection focuses on signing, you don’t have to be deaf to enjoy the art of sign language! You might even be surprised to know that I’m not deaf, just called to a specific purpose.

Along the way, God has shown me a need to share the gospel with the deaf community. In fact, only two percent of deaf people worldwide have “heard” the good news of Jesus. That is why I am committed to donating 10% of profits from the sale of Master’s Hand Collection artwork and products to charities who translate the Bible into sign language.

When you partner with me as an affiliate you are helping to spread the gospel of Jesus to this underserved community. Like all of you, God has asked me to present His message of hope on the internet and to share His love with the people who need it. I’m sure that this mission rings true to you as a Christian blogger or business owner yourself. Together, we can make a real impact for the Kingdom of God! And we can turn that sad two percent number into one hundred percent!

Here are the Affiliate Program Details:

  • Earn 35% commission on sales
  • 15-day cookie length
  • Christian owned and operated
  • Signed prints and canvases of Master’s Hand Collection art are only available through my website and the affiliate program ( and only available a few times a year! )
  • Dedicated to first class customer service
  • Getting started is FREE

So, if you are ready to join me in Spreading the Gospel and Encouraging Believers through the Art of Sign Language, please fill out the form below and I will get back with you very soon.

I look forward to forming a close relationship with you as a business partner and more importantly a Kingdom partner!




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